Taste Appeal Apple Pie

Taste Appeal Apple Pie
>> and now, here is today’s taste appeal. >> for so many of you, the smell of a baking apple pie is one that brings back great memories and today, we are going to make the memories come alive once again with amanda moron, baker of williamsburg general store. thank you for coming on show today. >> thighs to be here. >> already, the cinnamon, the nutmeg, all of the stuff shells great. we are making the pie from scratch. >> absolutely. it starts from a crust. take us up to speed. what goes into the crust? >> flour, saul, crisco and water. >> you mix it together. >> yes. >> it comes something like this. then the next step would be rolling it out and molding it. >> yes. >> shall we? >> absolutely. >> so how do we go about it? >> first flour, counter space. >> okay. >> did hack sure that the counter is clean first. which you have done here. plop it on down. >> yeah. why not? >> yeah. >> you we



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