Tantara Farms – 9/21/17

Tantara Farms – 9/21/17
[?] >> joy: if you like a good cup of tea and spicy food, two of my obsessions, you’ve got to check out this place in south springfield, tantara. this is clayton lile, the owner. this is a relatively new business in springfield. and very, very impressive in here! i want you to take me on a little tour of the store. but first of all, how did you get started? >> guest: so opening tantara farms, we had an idea, like everyone has ideas. and those ideas and dreams turned into conversations with your friends. with some close family. and so we would have a meal together. we would gather together and we would have these conversations of what would it look like? and i’d share ideas and build upon that and get different ideas from everyone. that was part of the heart of what tantara farms is, ingredients for sharing life around the table. >> joy: i love that. what all do you have? let’s start with



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