Take It Slow Wines

wine premiere shares some great wines
some wonderful new wines to tell us about. >> hi, amy. today we’re kind of taking it slow, chilling out, and we’re going to have a nice, relaxes time with all of our friends and family, nice wines, kind of a lighter cheese plate. we’re talking about eating a little bit more european style, but we’re not eating these big, heavy course meals. but what about having just some really light parmesan chese, goode erika’s different cheses with prosciutto and maybe artichoke, olive with feta cheese, just nibling food with some where wines. we picked out wines we think are great for chilling out, taking it slow, satisfy inonblanc, nice and crisp, goes with anything that you’re going to serve, plus it would also be great on its own. chardonnay, we picked an unoaked chardonnay. some people are saying they’re too oaky, to heavy, too dry. there are some made in stainless steel tanks, and that’s 14 han



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