Take A Whiff

There is new way to get your chocolate or caffeine fix. It’s called Le Whif.n nA breathable blast of real chocolate or coffee delivered with an inhaler now available in select U.S. stores.nn”This has been designed so it is fun, and it’s a way of having then taste of chocolate and essentially no calories,” said Le Whif inventor and Harvard professor David Edwards. nnThat’s right. No calories. nnEdwards invented the inhaler along with his students. A France-based company makes the product.n nThe micro-powder delivery system uses taste and smell to treat and maybe trick your senses.nn”Both olfactory and taste sensations are driven by whiffing,” Edwards said. nnnThe concept has already been tested worldwide, but now that Le Whif is debuting in the U.S., can a whiff of chocolate or caffeine satisfy the masses?nn”Anything that is coffee, I will try, definitely,” said Le Whif taster Janet Pavia. nn”Chocolate, it takes a second to eat chocolate. Why take away the pleasure of eating real food?” asked Le Whif taster Deyana Williamson. nnA fad for some, but for others a serious solution to curb the urge for chocolate.nn”I just had weight loss surgery, so we can’t have the calories and the sugar, so just pop it open and,” said Le Whif taster Michelle Foneseca.nnThe cost for this new dose of divine is around three dollars for a single inhaler which delivers eight whiffs.n nIf you cannot find Le Whif in retail stores, you can go to www.lewhif.com for more information on how to order online.



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