Take A Bite And Wait For The Love

Take a bite and wait for the love
of chocolate is getting a better rap these days. here’s news 4’s lindsay schwarzwaelder. when it comes to chocolate – – – ((i love it, of course.)) ((are you kidding? we love chocolate.)) ((i love it )) well, now a new chocolate promises to love you right back. the treat’s called intentional chocolate. take a bite – and wait for the love: ((just eating it alone will change and alter your state of being)) these chocolates promise to give you a greater sense of wellbeing. how? the company says each piece is embedded with a spiritual blessing, a sort of prayer – or good intentions,11 ]] c2.1 g 0 [[ that are delivered by experienced meditators, some of whom, the company says, were trained 12 ]] c2.1 g 0 [[ by the dalai lama himself. ((we have experienced meditators to pray over our chocolate for the concept of well being for all mankind)) the company says this study proves it. in a randomize



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