Take 5: Liberatore’s

Newcomers to the restaurant like the food and regulars enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
keep your speed down. now back to you. >> thanks. >>> it’s 18 minutes after 6. restaurant week in baltimore county is next week. and if you getting read every for it, we want to help you out. we are featuring some of the places where you can find good food and good deals. this morning, we are heading to perry hall. if you want a little taste of italy you don’t have to travel to lit little italy. case in point, lib toreies. >> cheese ravioli and lasagna and veal with crab meat and lobster and we have a lot more expansive it’s a huge menu including pizzas. >> reporter: it started as toonie a then the being italian restaurant. >> little store front with 8 tables. yeah. >> reporter: and now? >> there are six location. >> reporter: he runs the restaurant in perry hall and can be found in the kitchen or charming customers. >> it’s great. very friendly and very just welcoming. and everyone is,



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