Tailgating Party!

We’re cooking Bourbon Sauce with the Cowesett Inn.
let’s head over tole the kitchen. vince, what have you got cooking for us?s? >> we have a great sauce that’s going to be malbek to work w mith anything. beef, tenderloin, seafood. just a bout everything in between. i have matt with me, the chef at cowesett inn. tell me about what we are cooking. this sounds like a greatli sauce. i can smell it. it smells fanlltastic. ta. tell me what’s in here. >> we have a bourbon sauce today and it’s going to be going on beef kabobs.be >> that would be bourbon. >> beef kabobs and chickenen kabobs. .>> we have oil, ahail little bitle of vegetable oil, white onions, four cloves of garlic, brown sugar, cider vinegar. >> do the rolling stones come with that? >> some worstershire sauce, which is always a tongue twister, brown sugar and the ever important bourbon. >> does the particular kind of paste matter? >> no,.o, >> does the bourbon matter?te >> you alw



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