Taco Pie – Mass Appeal

# 1 package crescent rollsn# 1 lb ground turkeyn# 1 cup sour creamn# 2/3 light mayon# 2 cups Mexican cheesen# 1 green pepper
noon. >> now, taste appeal! >> thanks for that update. now we are in the keu67en. we are here with our ge, nate luscombe. nate, thank you so much for joing us today. >> you are welcome. thank you for having me. so ever since the beginning of when we first started doing this, today is the day. taco pie. >> i’m very excited about this. i love mexican food. >> it is really easy. you start with your crescent rolls. start with a crescent roll. the crescent rolls are actually your crust. the taco pie. so here, you take your 9-x13 pireex pan. ashley, i will have you do this. >> okay. >> you can open this up. >> all right. layer it right down there. after that, you are going to take some sour cream. we have a graphic that lists this. sour cream. take some light mayo. there you go. you need one pound of ground beef. ground meat. turkey or beef. i use turkey. because it is a little leaner and a li



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