Table Etiquette – Mass Appeal

We’re pulling the cloth out from under these questions and filling you in on the basics of table manners.
How many times have you been to a wedding or a function where they served kinner and looked down to notice three forks, two spoons and more plates and glasses than you think you could ever use? Here to make sure you know what’s what is wellness coach linda louise lacasse. Hi, linda. It’s a pleasure for you to be here. I’m glad you’re here because i went to ashley’s wedding this weekend. And there were so many plates and forks and spoons. And i had no idea what to do with them. So tell me a little bit about dining e etiquette.nnFirst when gu and dine at someone’s home, you want to bring a hostess gift.nnSo never arrive –.nnIt’s not polite. Bring flowers or send the flowers ahead of time. A lot of folks like to send flowers afterward to say thank you. And you might want to bring something that the hostess would enjoy. I brought you a lighted cube, a martini cuban geardeli chocolates.nnTha



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