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We gave you a small taste of what a Halloween school lunch is like at MLS Mohall last Friday. Tonight, we scare up some more information on the dangerous duo who makes in all happen in this week’s edition of Someone You Should Know… Debbie Kuehn reports… You’d think school cooks would be more concerned about putting meat ‘on’ your bones… than well, removing it! But when Halloween rolls around here in Mohall, the school cafeteria becomes the next best thing to a mad scientist’s laboratory. Beckie O’Clair/ MLS Mohall-The surprise, the surprises… the spooky feeling. We all like to get scared once in a while I think…. not scared, scared… but to get that feeling. Jane Anseth/ MLS Mohall- The kids are so excited. And it just happy to see them because they just laugh. Their eyes get so big and they’re just in amazement of what goes on. Howls, screams and moans echo through the halls signaling a heaping helping of a haunting heating up somewhere within the culinary center (?). Beckie’s been collecting skulls and skeletons, bats and rats, and ghosts and goblins for years. And since she didn’t have enough room to display it all at home so she started bringing it here…. Jane- And the kids enjoy it. At the end of Sept. they begin asking, ‘When you gonna start? When you gonna start?’ So then she comes and adds a little every day. Beckie- I add a little every day so that it’s not such a shock when they come in. And even the little ones… we’ve got a lot of hands on things that they can touch so there’s no fear come Halloween day. It all makes for a frighteningly fun day… not just for the students…. but for the cooks too. Beckie-We have fun every day when they come through. And I like to play with them and tease ’em when the kids come through. It’s enjoyable. I love it. I absolutely love it the job itself. Jane- We have a lot of fun. We don’t need a holiday to have fun around here. And as long as the eye of gnute and the bat wings don’t find their way to the soup… this chilling chow-line is a great way to spice up the day. In Mohall, Debbie Kuehn KX News. .



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