Swordfish Burger

Swordfish burger
chef shares some yummy burger recipes with it. >> i am here with napa valley chef and author of “burger parties,” jeffrey star, who’s going to make for us one of his specialty burgers. this one is not even made out of beef. >> this is a swordfish burger held together with some corn flakes and some pan co, a little bay seasoning in there. >> how difficult is it to make a burger with swordfish? >> well, it’s not. when you think of any sort of seafood as opposed to beef, beef will hold together on the grill. seafood, whether it’s crab, salmon, swordfish, whatever, you have to bind it together. and generally speaking you’re looking at bread crumbs and eggs. >> and of course now we wait for that to get done. what side do you put with this? >> we’ve got a really nice fingerling potato salad. if you like caesar salad, you’ll like this one. >> it has olives and — >> olives, as see yago cheese.



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