Swire And China

Analysis and discussion with Swire Pacific Chairman Christopher Pratt. He says there is always a danger of asset bubbles and excess liquidity and they try to stay away from the commodity side of the market. (Asia Confidential)
rolled over to 1865 when they opened a branch in hong kong. swire closed the man and offices and then was renamed. — the mainland offices and then was renamed. swire pacific is looking to rein back on its dividend payout by a little bit even though they came in with net earnings. do the math, $450 million. core earnings trends are still on the weak side. the positive bottom line but a lot of that came on the back of right tax on fuel contract. core earnings are still nonexistent for now. operating earnings and properties took a dip because of the revaluation losses in trying to reflect a portfolio of properties according to something akin to the mark to market accounting principle. the chairmen of swire pacific rejoins us. i’m always nervous putting the history of the company when the chief is sitting here. >> pretty good. >> not to bet? — not too bad? you identified with hong kong. th



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