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up a great way to slim down this summer. >> but first, a lot of people struggle with what to get dad for father’s day. >> you know, i did. >> everyone does. >> our next guest says she knows what dad wants. it is not a necktie, it is a red-hot juicy steak. >> man’s meat. >> yes. >> so many cuts of beef. how do you choose. >> we are going to school and call it beef 101. and here with today’s lesson. >> thank you for having me. >> and i didn’t get the memo we were wearing purple. >> or the ruffles. >> and you both look very nice. >> we are color-coordinated. >> and thank you for having me. >> it is my first visit to milwaukee. >> i have heard about the beautiful history of the buildings and revitalization of downtown and it is a treat for me. >> i feel there’s so much to learn about beef today. i have to be honest, when i go to the store, all right, which tastes the best. >> it is overwhelm



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