Sweetland Peanut Brittle

You may be tired of chocolate after Valentine’s day and the thought of eating another paczki may put you over the edge – but what about a handmade treat that combines the great taste of salty and sweet? Rachael goes into the kitchen at Sweetland to see the production of peanut brittle.
down from our sugar high… fresh off the heels of valentine’s day! hard to believe anyone could be done with chocolate — but áifá that is the case, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. you.rachael headed back into the kitchen of sweetland candies — where they’re cooking up a popular treat that’s salty and crunchy. john naum jr./sweetland candies -family owned since 19-four generations of family-1 lb. costs $5.955170 plainfield ave.grand rapids, mi 49525 616-363-3444 or 1-800-842-3444 john let her try the peanut brittle as it was cooling… and she said it was it was amazing! amazing!you can visit sweetland candies. candies.5170 plainfield ave. grand rapids616-363-3444 www.sweetlandcandies.com www.sweetlandca616-363-3444 grand rapidsave.5170 plainfield candies. candies.sweetland you can visit it was amazing! amazing!and she said it was as it was cooling… the peanut brittle john



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