Sweet Potatoes With Warm Black Bean Salad

Sweet Potatoes with Warm Black Bean Salad
back. ism welcome into the kitchen. we’re going to cook some veggies with brenda duby of market street united. >> we talked about these build-a better meals you have at market street. five ingredients. >> well, less than ten ingredients. less than 30 minutes. less than four steps. >> now you have me doing math. i’m all confused. >> these are available to store. coupons on the back. so we’ll start with a can of beans, you can get those for free if you search these outs. >> andy: really? this is a staple in our house. any time michelle or i go to the grocery store, we’re always picking up black beans. >> you know what, they’re a power house of nutrition. they’re inexpensive. great iron, protein, great base for any kind of recipe. i have a can of black beans. then i have a teaspoon of cumin. a teaspoon of coriander, and about a tablespoon of olive oil that’s going to kind of help bind all t



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