Sweet Potatoe Pancakes

Chef Tim brings you a twist with yams, sweet potatoes, and eggs…
with chef tim for this week’s fairbanks flavor. today, he has a ánew take on an old favorite… ásweetá potato pancakes. chef tim>> “chef tim here in the westmark kitchen. today we’re going to be having fun with yams and sweet potatos, and yam cakes. we’re going to be making sweet potato cakes, and we’re going to start out with a peeled sweet potato. what you want to do is grate it. these really big grates will work very nicely for this. i’ve already got some done up here. the recipe is on webcenter 11 dot com. so what you’re going to do is add a little bit of flour to this, a couple of eggs. we’ll give it nice cohesion, and then i like to add a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream. not much, just enough to bring the whole thing together. don’t be afraid to stick your hand in there, mush that all together, so you have a nice… well it’s not going to be quite homogenous, but we’re goi



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