Sweet Mavens Marvelous Treats

Anita Carpene – President of Sweet Mavens – Marvelous Treats of Glastonbury shares a biscotti recipe from Milan.
family treats and share them with the learned her true passion was to bake traditional family treats and share them with the world. sweet mavens – welcome to you, so happy to have you. >> biscotti. >> this is my grandmother’s recipe. >> you can do any combination. >> we have sugar in the bowl. like any good baked product, it is simple ingredients, sugar, four eggs. when i started, this was the recipe i made for my children when they were toddlers, and it is very simple.and biscotti means twice baked? really there is no end to the combinations you can do with biscotti?if you want this recipe… log onto our website..anita carpene, from sweet maven’s… thank you so much for being here… dont go



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