Sweet Corn Fest Draws In Thousands

Crowds came out for the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival Saturday
probably already had a taste of this summer’s batch of olathe sweet corn… thousands of people were out at the sweet corn festival today doing just the same thing. kjct news 8’s tami brehse was at the festival and joins us now live in the studio.. tami what were the crowds like? courtney the organizer of the festival told me her guess was 15 to 20 thousand people. of course it’s that famous sweet corn that brings everybody out, but a few people were hoping to give their business a boost by being at the festival today. 1607 all the people and the music and the corn, 630fun fun fun 1041it’s reputation, we all know about olathe corn boiled, steamed or roasted… nats “corn!!!” anyway you cook it it’s all about the corn. 1021it’s gat, as long as we don’t have a waiting line we love it the sweet corn fest takes the population of the little town of olathe through the roof. 608the population o



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