Sweet Bay

Sweetbay is the only Florida supermarket to offer USDA Choice Black Angus in all whole muscle cuts.
Grilling season sweet bay supermarket presents, certified executive chef reiner of bistro41. Good morning.nnGood morning.nnI don’t want interrupt your grilling. Reiner is part of the first-ever sweet bay angus advisory board. He is the executive chef from built. Stro and he is here to till you how to choose a great steak and what the difference is. Let me ask you this. What is the difference between usda choice black angus beef and all those other grades of meat that might be out there saying buy me, eat me?nnWell, black angus is top breed of catle that they have available to them and properly handled it has the most favor and most tender of all the cattle.nnYou say the secret what to look for is the marbling.nnThat’s correct.nnThe marble is the fat.nnThat’s correct.nnTake a look at these right here. Take us on a tour of what these cuts are and what we ned to look for when we go to swet



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