Sweet And Spicy Sirloin Steaks

Recipe from the WI Beef Council
doing som new, different recipes. andy is here from the wisconsin beef council. we talked about how people right away think beef, oh, i gota eat healthy and light no, bef. not true at all. >> no. we have lean cuts. we have 29. that’s a lot, and it’s a popular cuts too, downtown have to go searching or buy eye of round steak to get your lean beef cuts. like this one, top sirloin. which i have about a pound, is one of the skiny 29. >> really? >> we call them the skinny 29, less for total fat than a skinless chicken thierks and half of the fat is monounsaturated, which is the same good philadelphia’s as extra virgin olive oil. >> i sometimes crave a steak. i think that’s my body telling me i ned some iron. >> it’s the protein, the iron, the zinc, and women ned it every day, two or three ounce servings of protein is perfect from the dietary ziens the skinny 29. tenderloin, beef tenderloin. w



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