Swamp Cabbage Festival

Swamp Cabbage Festival
? ?nnWelcome back beings everybody. Welcome to the 45th annual swamp cabbage festival. It starts actually tomorrow and continues friday, saturday and sunday over in labelle. We welcome from the swamp cabbage festival sarah townsend and from the rotary club randy daniels. Good morning to you kids.nnGood morning.nnWe are glad to have you here. Wait a minute. Is that an armadillo on the arm of the couch or are you just glad to sinus.nnI was going to bring a real e but it got out.nnYou have armadillo races at the swamp cabbage festival?nnYes, sir.nnWhat hapened?nnBusted out of the cage out of the back of my truck.nnHe would have been a sure race winner.nnSure would have ben.nnArmadillo races and we wil look at video of last year’s armadillo races in a minute. Tell us about the swamp cabbage festival. It is a celebration of the swamp cabbage palm treat.nnYes, the festival started 45 years ago



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