Sustainable Food Movement

Emily Brooks is the revolutionary new face of the local food and sustainable agriculture movements. Founder of Edibles Advocate Alliance, Emily nurtures social entrepreneurs who support local agriculture, sustainable farming, and sustainable food systems, and passionately believes in changing the social norm towards agricultural sustainability and development through education and coalition building.
>> we’re back with emily brooks, the revolutionary new face ofa the local food and sustainable agriculture movements. she helps consumers learn whereer their food isth coming from, eat healthier and support local farmers andn produce. the edibles advocate alliance, that is a mouthful 678 you’re connecting people to the land. i understand ytaou’ve createdt a local food council. . >> we have shared harvest which is like a craig’s list for the bartering, selling, trailing or donation of al tifood products. if you have a field that neds to be gleaned, we have localal nonprofits that will pick that extra food for the local fod banks. if you have something to sell or buy, like the sweet basil this year, you can connect, tnhe next digital step forward to move more money through theey local economy. >> why is it called a sustainable foodsu movement.v >> sustainable is a difficult word, it is ove



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