Sushi – Mass Appeal

Here we are in the kitchen, ready to make some SUSHI! Lucky us! We have Jack Ng, Sushi Chef Jack Ng from the World Famous Hu Ke Lau here to show us how!nFor more information on their delicious sushi, polynesian food, Hawaiian shows, upcoming events and much more – Visit HuKeLau.com
>>> well, here we are in the kitchen. we’re ready to make some sushi. we’ve got jack and ji from the hu ke lau restaurant. welcome. >> thank you. >> our chef will.o point out some of the finer sushi points and maybe we’ll teach you how to make sushi. >> here we are our spicy tuna bowl. >> ooh, that’s pretty. >> here we have a salad roll. >> that’s my kind of roll. salad roll. put that one there. >> man, these all look so good. >> so good. >> these are different assorted sushi. this is albacore, red snapper, tuna and a fluke. >> and a fluke? >> okay. >> here we have a little seaweed salad. >> seawe had, sesame seed, a little ponzu. >> that’s looks yummy. >> this is salmon tutaki and our tuna tutaki. >> and what’s this green stuff on top? that is a wasabi. >> wow, fancy name. >> wasabi topeko. >> next. >> this is our firecracker. why is it called a firecracker? >> it’s a little bit spicy.



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