Susan Casper’s Sweet And Sassy Meatballs

ABC 15 News Anchor Susan Casper whips up a family favorite appetizer, sure to bring everyone together in the kitchen.
>> you do that, and i’ll go play with the puppies. >> let’s talk about the next person we have brought into the kitchen. she is the mother of twins, and she brings you your news at 4:00 right here on abc 15. but this morning, susan is showing off her mad kitchen skills. >> mad woman in the kitchen is nor like it. >> i’m so glad you’re here. >> and i’m glad to be here. >> and you’re about to be a momma times two as well. >> i know, but they are not twins. >> when i first came here, i thought, how am i going to breast-feed twins at the same time? >> did you do that? >> for a very short time. it’s one of those things you realize it has to be done, and you’re going to find away. >> i didn’t know that was possible. >> i’m still trying to rember how i did it. very little sleep. but now they are 5, and they are so independent, and i cry almost every day because they are like, mommy, i can do it



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