Survive The Holidays!

Lee Woodruff tells Mary great tips to for holiday planning.
>> the christmas holidays are a magical time special will he for kids. for moms pressure and stress. it may n maybe this year we’re getting advice to deal with it all. >> you have four kids, right? paint the stress picture at your house around the holidays. >> i’m getting better. the older i get the better i get get. i think this is the goal for us all. a beautiful table, a beautiful day. it’s hard to get there without the stress. i was at a conference with 800 women. they ask how to cut out the stress and enjoy the holidays. i have a couple quick tips. i’m a list maker. if you see your universe, you can get your hands around what it will be like. ask for help. i have my daughter making cookies. when you get the kids involved and family engaged they’re part of the holiday taoz treating this perfect day. don’t be afraid to cut things off the list. maybe you don’t make the cu cupcakes from



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