Survey: More Coffee Drinkers Prefer Iced

According to a Dunkin’ Donuts survey, more coffee drinkers prefer their caffeinated beverage iced.
we need to follow this story along. >> speaking of cool, did you notice on our set this morning, what we’ve got here. >> it’s perfect for this time of t year. when it’s minus two out, what do you want to reach for in the i morning. how about a delicious iced ce coffee. >> from dunkin’ doughnuts. ug >> how about this — >> that warms me up. i don’t know about you guys. >> it’s a crazy — the cold hard facts. a new survey from our friends at dunkin’ doughnuts, this found dthat more coffee drinkers are turning to iced coffee for energy during the coldest part of the year. >> crazy. >> it seems like what, according or to the survey result,es nearly 80% of iced coffee drinkers arere drinking more iced coffee now they than did a year ago. they prefer icedey coffee to hot coffee i n the winter months according to the survey and dunkin’ doughnuts was kind enough to bring us a few today. >> i’m g



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