Surprise Cookies

sarah cookies
it’s cokie time at the petoniaks again. today i’m making chocolate surprise cookies, so let’s get start started. what you need first of al is one cup of granulated sugar, and then in this recipe, they call for one stick of the butter-flavored characteristic o. now, i have not tried it with the regular butter. so i would go ahead and just use the butter-flavored crisco, and that’s just one stick. then you’re going to need one cupof light-brown sugar, firmly packed. and then you are going to need in this bowl, i have two tablespoons of milk. put that in. and then it calls for one teaspoon vanilla. put that in. and then you’re going to go ahead and cream these wet ingredients together. so you get it al incorporated. i don’t have a fancy stand mixer, so i just use my hand one. okay, so just blend these together. kind of like when you just make a regular chocolate chip cokie, that’s what you’



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