Surfing Chef, Steve Gellas, Makes Cioppino

Surfing Chef, Steve Gellas, makes Cioppino
we may post some of them or share some of them on the air. there is no fancy tv stuff going on. it all live. we don’t have of time. we have an hour to make this dish. i want to introduce the surfing chef and we are going to make chipino. what is up with the surfing chef? >> i surf when we have waves and hose off and drive out to suffolk and start cooking. >> if you catch anything good in your teach you throw it in. let’s give the list of ingredients and we have them on our kitchen counter. >> we have some little neck clams from the eastern shore of virginia. these are mussels from new zealand. then gulf brown shrimp from the gulf of mexico. the scalp hrops are off the — scallops are off the coast of delaware and local rockfish. >> herbs and spices and the list is right on the screen there and also at the hampton roads show.com. you have a little time to gather the stuff or take notes if



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