Supper Club History

wisconsin foodie host talks about supper club history
how lucky we are to have them in wisconsin, a little bit of the history which is so interesting, is kyle, he is the host of wisconsin foody. he travels all over wisconsin, and i’m sure first of al, god to see you. >> nice to be here, thank you for having me. >> absolutely. i’m sure you’ve eaten as many a wisconsin supper club. >> by default and proxy, and just growing up here, absolutely, yeah. >> i have to be honest, i never heard of a supper club until i moved to wisconsin in college, and now i am absolutely in love with them. it is my kind of plac forget those chain restaurant. it’s all about the wisconsin supper club. >> it’s an american invention and distinctly wisconsin invention. the first supper club was created in beverly hills by a wisconsinite, lawrence frank. he took it there in the ’30s, it was a massive hit, and they agree en mase, most indigenous to the midwest. with the w



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