Supermarket Sweep

Shoppers are gobbling up their last minute items nfor the perfect Thanksgiving meal.nBig Y expects to sell some 100-thousand turkeys this Thanksgiving
massactehusetts tonight. 22news caught up with some shoppers to s see what’s in their cart. i “we have some cider, apples and oinions.” s.”we have a family of ten and coteoking for.” shoppers are gobbling up their last minute items for the perfect thanksgiving meal. big y expects igto sell some 100- thousand turkeys this thanksgiving. “the manager of big y in west springfield told 22news that surprising this is not the busiest day of the ysiear, bdaut it is one of them.” “starting monday it really picks up and builds until we hit h today.” and with thankgiving fast approaching there definite t deals if you forgot anything…you have until 10pm. and big y, like so many other mstores, is not opened tomorrow.op t state police are urging you to keep safety in mind when youy hit the roads this holiday season. 22news is working f2nor you tonight with some simple travel safety



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