Superbowl Party Appetizers

We’re cooking Fried Pickles, Cactus Blossom and Rattlesnake Bites with Texas Roadhouse in the Rhode Show Kitchen.
weekend, we continue with the nfl playoffs and of course in a couple more weeks, we have the super bowl, we’re going of to have a lot of people over to the house. we’re talking about food, different kinds of food. we have guys from the texas road house here from warwick. we have al here,al. >> al and rich. >> and rich? >> yes. >> i’m sorry, i apologize. you know, these guys are making us some things that you might not necessarily think of. tell us what you’re making us. >> we’re going to make some fried pickles today, which everyone has been really interested in. we’re going to make cactus blossom petals. >> i have to be honest, i’ve never had a fried pickle. i don’t get it. >> i’ll tell you right now, i don’t even like pickles, but i love our fried pickles. >> it’s a new addition to our menu and the guests love it. >> so it must change the flavor of the pickle itself, when you fry it. >



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