Superbowl Foods Made Easy

Superbowl Foods made easy
so on today’s show, a lot of women thinkbirding a new — breastfeeding a new baby is a piece of cake. then they have a baby. tips for new moms. >> and 5 tips to help you get in shape. >> do you have a complaint, need help getting action? we’ll tell you how. >> a free winter festival will be fun, dock sledding — dog sledding, sculpting, horse drawn carriage rides and more. >> and it’s free, too. first, though, when you think of nachos, chicken wings, beer, do you think football? >> i think so. that’s because those things are on the menu of most football parties. they’re not exactly healthy and we have our new year’s resolution. >> kill, katelynn bennett is here, and — katherinerooking is here, and your goal is to make the recipes less fat and fewer calories. >> exactly. i think this would be jane fonda approved. >> she might not eat much of it. >> i’m a registered dietitian, and i can a



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