Superbowl Foods

superbowl foods
jennifer, a registered dietian with farm fresh is here. >> thanks foror having me. we have to enjoy superbowljo pe sunday when friends and family come over and have great food. how can make the great food slightly healthier? this is a whole wheat pita. instead of the white flower crest we will use whole wheat. wh it is rich in fiber, but immense and minerals. ne it is pre-made. i have spent it withwi about a half a cup of the marinara sauce. this one has mushrooms in its. i will put a little bit of o spinach on top. for kids k when the spinach is iloaded, they the cooked flavor better. then i have some mushrooms. these are just sliced part a bailout. — portabella. this is reduced fat cheddar cheese. this is just like her blind. >> once you could that down your party guests will not even know. do not tell them. >> it will taste good in the fu of flavor. this is low-fat mozzarella. this i



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