Super Mummy!

Spooky Supers with Dr. Rallie Mcallister.
dancer. who knew? who knew he had that inside? >> do you want to be a super mummy this halloween. get it? mummy — mommy? mummy/mommy? >> i love, that mary. >> whipping up an idea for a spooky supper from our next guest rayelle mcallister better known as the mommy m.d. what isn’t good thing to keep in mind as we are getting our kids to eat healthy? >> a good question. the first thing to keep in mind kids will eat lots and lots of things including nutritious things when we make them inviting as far as taste and appearance so i think that is the most important thing to remember. >> like i’m looking in front of thru. have you great things to show us today so what do you?ave? >> we do. >> when parents want to prepare a meal that is healthy they fix chicken nuggets or pizza but it is a good time to talk about fish. fish has omega 3’s and pro seens an tasty. what i have prepared are quick reci



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