Super Bowl Treats!

Today in the Rhode Show Kitchen, we’re cooking up some Super Bowl appetizers with “Worst Cooks in America” contestant, and RI native Jen Vechhio.
For now, we’ll head to the kit ken where vince is. I hear you’re cooking today. What’s going on in there. >> actually, i am going to be the one cooking. Jen will not get her pretty little hands or fingernails wet. She will not need a manicure when this thing is all done. I, on the other hand, just might. We are talking about super bowl appetizers, and of course, jan, if you don’t know her, jen, one time you were the worst cook in the world. >> but i’m not anymore. >> but she’s not anymore. >> not anymore, because she was on the food network show and we’re going to talk about that a little bit, but you’re going to tell us about some of the dishes we’re going to make, so give me a rundown of what we’re going to make and if you can, give me a little bit of the ingredients. >> well, we at my house, you have a huge super bowl party. >> you are. >> yes, i have four kids — >> is this the first



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