Super Bowl Snacks II

On Wednesday, we saw what Kayla and Chris are preparing for the Super Bowl… how about Mike and Mary? We let the hosts take over the cooking set… unsupervised. Will we regret it?
>>> our super bowl countdown continues with more food items. this time our personal favorite. >> you have lost sleep wondering what will mary and i make for super bowl sunday. sleet tight tonight. we are about to quench your curiosity. i am making mike’s super bowl teriyaki. >> it has a name. >> i usually use flat iron steak. this is flat iron. good stuff. i wil slice it up. >> how about an apron? did you notice? >> i am not coking italian today. but slice it up. >> the secret is the marinate. >> i have the ingredients. 2/3 cup shogger? look how fancy your knife is. cutting board. >> i am impressed, mike. >>> thank you. >>> we have sesame seds. the key here is we will toast sesame seeds. put them on the burner. put them on the grill. shake them up and let those go. and we have this stuff. soy sauce. >> we have oil and this. key. ginger root. >> the ginger root here. this is the root. >>



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