Super Bowl Snacks

Need ideas for your Super Bowl party? See what our producers, Chris and Kayla are whipping up! You’ll find the recipes by clicking on the Recipes tile on our home page.
>>> we are counting down the days to the super bowl. >>> that’s right. >> super bowl sunday is the second largest food day of the year behind thanksgiving. food is a big part of how we celebrate, we thought it would be fun to share our own favorite recipes. kayla thomas, you know both are part of “morning blend” crew. let’s talk about what you are making today. how did you side on these recipes? >> i picked my recipe because it is actually healthy. mary and i have both pledged to be good. it may not necessarily be my favorite super bowl food but it is a good, healthy option. i will let chris go first. his recipe has two ingredients. >> it is highly sophisticated. >> simple and easy and more than delicious. >> how did you come about this? i hesitate to call it a recipe because i don’t know that it is. >> what. >> it is a little meat. a little bread. oven. good to go. >> despite the fact i



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