Super Bowl Snack Ideas

From Weight Watchers
>> okay, the superintoal right around the corner and instead of busting your diet with bad food year going to show you how to make some great food the weight watchers way. i’m ready for super bowl, one of my favite eating holidays of the year. >> it’s a lot of people’s favorite eating holidays. >> they are known for the commercials and the great food, and like french fries — >> hey, hey, hey, what are you doing? that will bust your whole budget and you’re done! >> okay, then what do we have to do — >> i’m going to show you how to incorporate power food, lower in sugar and fat and higher in protein and fiber and they are going to keep you really full so when you get frustrated you’re not looking for the french fries. >> and weight watchers is all about eating the food you normally eat but paying attention to the size and the points — >> and explain those points, with weight watchers yo



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