Super Bowl Food Drive

Want to feel super about yourself? Then give to the Rotary Super Bowl Food Drive! Richard Rowland is here to explain the mission and how to help!
— thanks, mary! turning to facebook… today, the topic is how do you take your coffee? black? with flavored creamer? lots of sugar? plenty of us need a little caffeine to get going on mondays– so. let us know where you stand! search “morning blend omaha”.. like our page.. and join in! we’re also on twitter … under “o- m-a morning blend.” super bowl weekend… is the 2nd biggest grocery shopping weekend of the year. you’ve got to stock up for the game!! while you’re shopping… consider buying a little extra — to support “rotary international’s” annual “super bowl food drive.” we’re getting the details… from richard rowland. welcome! how did this drive get started? how was the response last year? what’s your goal what kinds of items are you asking for? what happens to donations — once you collect them? give us an idea … of rotary’s mission in general. you have hundreds of me



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