Sun Harvest Citrus / 20th Anniversary Celebration

Sun Harvest Citrusnsunharvestcitrus.comn14810 Metro Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33912n800-743-1480nnThe Sun Harvest Citrus 20th Anniversary Celebration nNovember 4th – 7thnSun Harvest CitrusnPhone:800-743-1480nTicket Price: FREEnn20% savings on your entire purchase plus hourly giveaways all weekend long!
At sun harvest citrus there is always a reason to celebrate but this time it is extra sweet. Sun harvest is celebrating 20 years in the beautiful florida sunshine and vice presdent sandy nicely good morning.nnGood morning.nnAnd director of sales and marketing dave nicely announced in addition to this big anniversary it is the start, ladies and gentlemen, of the 2010 citrus season. Good morning, happy aniversary.nnThank you.nnLet the orange juice pouring begin.nnYes.nnThe sun harvest story is really your family story, which i guess that makes your family tree an orange tree. Tell us a story, sandy, how you got to be in fort myers.nnDefinitely. The family business started with my grandfather in the 1940s when he planted his first citrus tree. Started with 200-acres, grew that to 2,00. Growers are in vero beach and fort pierce and premium growing district. In the 1980s under the direction o



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