Summertime Party Trays

Summertime Party Trays
chef julia fitchet from the kitchen at powhatan in williamsburg this morning. she’s going to help us embrace the warmer weather heading our way! you’ve got some great recipes for cookouts and family picnics. what are we going to start with? before we get started. here’s a list of ingredients! now for a look at what to expect with the weather today… expect with the weather today… meteorologist jon cash. garden kit email jon.cash@wavy.co m garden kit email jon.cash@wavy.co m who will be the next american idol? after weeks of praise– the judges changed their tune about one of the singers! former idol contestant felicia barton will give us the inside scoop when we come back! break one talking about…. we’re getting ready for the next elimination on american idol! after tonight– we’ll be down to five! former contestant and virginia beach native: felicia barton is here to help us separa



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