Summer Tradition: Cool Landmark

Tastee Freez: Dessert destination, frozen hotspots for summer.
of google earth.. is now being used to save one of the most important places on the planet. planet. google is using the software to map the amazon rainforest and show how people are illegally cutting it down. as part of the program.. google is also building cultural centers with access to the internet near bolivia… the centers will allow villagers and tribe members to talk about the problem and post pictures online. sales of bottled water may be drying up.. and the slow economy is to blame. analysts say many consumers are starting to look at bottled water as a luxury item.. figuring they don’t need to spend a dollar or more to buy one.. when tap water is basically free. trade figures show the bottled water industry is seeing its slowest growth rate since the early 1990’s. and news 13 wants to know.. are you spending less on bottled water? log on to wlos.com and vote in today’s web poll



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