Summer Soirees Made Simple!

It’s finally summer and ’tis the season for backyard BBQs, poolside parties, family picnics and a plethora of fun outdoor activities with family and friends. And while you might think this means a lot of hard work – cooking, cleaning up and keeping the conversation going – celebrity chef and lifestyle expert Jamie Gwen says it’s easier than you think to throw a fabulous summer soirée without breaking a sweat. Jamie Gwen joins us today to share some priceless tips to keep you out of the kitchen and sitting outside with a delicious cocktail in hand in no-time! nnChef Jamie Gwen
>>> and welcome. summer means taking the party outside. barbecues and picnics and lucky enough, pool parties. joing us to make the most of your soiree is jamie gwen. >> thank you for having me, tiffany. i appreciate it. >> we all love to entertain outdoors especially here in the midwest and we don’t get a lot of nice time outdoors. what are key things you suggest to us for those of us planning outdoor soirees. >> i am about the sizzle of the grill this summer and hot new inventive barbecue dishes sort of thinking outside the pox. i have a great cool drink because we are expecting a scorcher of a summer that started. >> true. >> and i am working with great food companies and i think these are scrumptious ideas. >> you have a way to make a pizza without cooking. >> die. >> if you want to fire up the grill it takes four minutes to add smoky wonderful flavor to grilled pizza. it is great add



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