Summer Food Safety

Nancy from the UNL Extension office talks about the proper temperatures of cooking food.
>> and for bringing jake and angus along, too. they’ve been a hit. mike erbgs o, over to you. >> you want to learn great grilling tips before the 4th of july? while introduce to you the woman who can teach you it is nancy urbanic with the university of lincoln office. >> before we get started the first time i grilled for her the hamburger was so raw it just fell apart. >> let’s talk about some tips here and you have a meat thermometer here. >> yes. we have meat thermometers here. can you go from the digital kinds that runs $20, $30 to the old-fashioned run that runs $5. >> you can stick it in to see the temperature based on the meat that it is. >> there is one that you can overheat and there are fees that have a plastic top to it and those would melt if you have it in the thrill with you. this is something would you do closer to the end of the time you are thinking that it is cooked thro



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