Summer Cooking Fun With Endives

Two recipes for endives
too hot and humid to turn on theven so what do you do? you look to these ladies, mother and daughter cooking instructors, betty ann and stephanie. welcome back to the show. great to have you. >> thank you very much. >> you have a couple things to do today. tell us what we will be making. >> we will talk about endive. everyone wonders why endive is so expensive and this comes from belgium, it is packed in this wooden box, all wraped and cradled and it is so expensive because when it is grown — >> it is expensive in the stores. >> it is very expensive but it has to be grown underground and four times in the growing season they have to mound the dirt over it to keep it covered and it takes time and effort and labor and that expensive. then they have to wash it and dry it. >> it is labor intensive. >> labor intensive, and they have pack it and ship it and it has to remain refrigerated. >> f



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