Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails
to inspire your friend next. >> thank you! >> how fun. for a loosey store near you, go to better.tv.com. >>> we have some recipes that are quick, easy and refreshing. here’s brooke with the ingredients you’ll need for the cocktails and mocktails. >> cocktail connoisseur karen foal low of “imbibe” magazine is giving me a lesson in summer cocktails. >> what’s the first spring? >> it’s called the english afterthought. it incorporates gin, kind of a good summer spirit but also great year round. it has blueberries which are perfectly in certainty now. then it has an elder flower liquor and some ginger beer. start with a tablespoon of flesh ginger and blueberries and add ice and two ounces of hendrick’s gin. >> it has cuke couple burr and rose philosophers, especially great, i find, i summer drinks. we will add a half ounce of this beautiful st. germaine elderflower liquor. we’re going to do s



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