Wick’s Sugar Cream Pie offical state pie of Indiana?
niccole: in state politics… after three weeks in session not a single bill has passed the indiana generaassembly. funding for the state’s budget, education and other weighty issues will have to wait as the legislature grapples with the really tough issue of the session – deciding the official state pie. >> niccole: sugar cream pie is the only contender and considered a distinctly hoosier delicacy. it’s similar to custard pie without the eggs and believed to be created in the 1800’s by quakers in eastern indiana. some in lafayette with a sweet tooth say sugar cream pie gives people a taste of the state. >> george acosta, lafayette: “it’s a good choice. nice sweet tooth and it would come in good after a big thanksgiving dinner.” >> niccole: state senator allen paul hopes to bring recognition to the pie and the city of winchester where wick’s has made the sugary delight for 66 years. >>se



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