Sugar Cranberries

Sugar cranberries
the series continues this spring with mo smells blue coming in may. >>> nonsociety.com jordan reid serves up sugared cranberries. > every holiday season i make batch after batch of these sugared cranberries. this is one of the first thing i ever cooked but i came interested in entertaing when i was 14. and i found this recipe and it has been a holiday staple for me. i make them because they’re so easy and they’re inexpensive and you can use them in a billion different ways to make the holiday season sparklier. >> you take a bag of these cranberries, and put two cups of regular ordinary grand u lated sugar and two cups of water, and you stir it on low heat. then you pour the cranberries and the sugar water into a bowl. cover it with tin foil, put it in fridge, sit overnight. in the morning, take a kol — colander, strain the cranberries. then you take super fine sugar. you can buy this in



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