Succotash Recipe

Succotash recipe
>>> you definitely won’t be suffering through this next recipe, succotash. bad joke, but i had to do it. chef bradley mcgehee from the ritz carlton in new orleans is showing us how to cook those little red beans with a twist with a few added godies. >> hello and welcome back to the ritz carlton kitchen. what we’re going to be cooking here today, we have a new york strip that’s going to be served with a r red bean sucotash and a cream sauce. we take a hot pan here with a little bit of butter. add your taso, your red beans, your roasted corn, some shalots and minced garlic. add some whole heavy whipping cream. while that’s cooking, i’ll get the jalapeno corn bread dressing going. start with shallots, roasted corn, diced jalapenos. cook it so the onions and peppers sweat, turn a litle transluscent. then we’re going in with our diced corn bread. we’re going to use some chicken stock, seasoni



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