Stuffed Pumpkin With Saffron Cream

We’re in the kitchen cooking stuffed pumpkin with saffron cream with Chef Kevin Duffney from the Ironworks Tavern in Warwick.
forefront of doing something. let’s head over to the kitchen, speaking of someone who is always right in the ysmiddle ofmi the action. iron works. ks >> i work up an appetite, all this talk aboutk politics, this is kevin duffney from iron works tavern, making his debut on the show. we’re going to have stuffed pumpkin, i always pronounce this wrong. >> saffron cream. >> i’ve been practicing all morning. tell me a little bit about the touch. >> it’s a quintessential q autumn dish. pumpkin stuf fed with sunday dried cranberries baby spinach, crew tons and a brown sugar butter. very nice seasonal thing. finished off with a nice saffron cream. >> so what do you do with the scallops? you boilyo it, what do you do, fry them, cook them.m. >> i bake off the pumpkin, hall low it, sautee the scallops ins with all the other ingredients and stuff it inside.si >> so it finishes inside a a pumpkin. >>



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